‘I think this is turning into a really great series and I have no hesitation in recommending Prime Evil as a great read.’

‘Really enjoyed this book, couldn't put it down till it was finished.’

 ‘Another enjoyable old fashioned style police investigation that has many twists to keep you guessing and turning the pages.’

  ‘This is fast-paced, full of action and energy. Not everyone is who you think they are. There are several twists and turns which will make you want to go back and re-read to see if you missed something. Very well-written.’

‘Prime Evil, like its predecessor No Evil, is a very good read. I was glued to the pages to find out what was coming next and was so absorbed I finished it in one sitting. There seems to be a new angle in every chapter to keep you reading.’

‘Can't wait for the 3rd book in this series.'



'​I loved this book, read it in a few hours. Enjoyed the backdrop of 1950s England and the differing attitudes within the police force compared to what we expect in modern day Britain. Characters all engaging and a few twists and turns to keep you hooked. I will definitely read more from Maynard Sims!'

'Sister Bernadette is a young nun working in the local orphanage has been found stabbed repeatedly and her body badly violated. During the postmortem it's discovered Sister Bernadette was 7-8 weeks pregnant. Suspicion falls on a young priest who worked closely with Bernadette. As the dark secrets of these devout people are exposed more violence takes place.
This series is set in the 1950's long before the high tech equipment our police force have today. It has many twists and turns that keeps you turning the pages.'

​'The book is so enticing that I forgot to check my watch and spent a whole insomniac night reading it from first page to last. For Her Sins is a real a page-turner exactly as the blurb on the back cover promises.'

For Her Sins by Maynard Sims. Click here for the full review by Mario Guslandi for Gumshoe.

2nd March 2017

Have now moved and settled in to my new flat. Work resumes on Jack Callum No 5 this week after my enforced break.  Also had an idea for a novella which will probably trawl though Jack's past. i'll keep you posted.

13th September 2016

Wrote the first 5000 words of Jack Callum No 5

8th September 2016

Just typed The End on the 4th and latest Jack Callum mystery. Now a quick read through and it's off to Mick for the necessary, and then to the publisher.

5th August 2017

The title of the next (5th) Jack Callum Mystery, is Sins of the Fathers and will take Jack, his family and colleagues to a very dark place. About a quarter of the way through and storming along now.

Great review for the Trilogy by Peter J Earle on Bookpost mortem.
Read it here

"The wonderful thing about trilogies, when you have thoroughly loved the first one, there are more to come. And with this one, two more could never be enough! I felt rather lost when, in quick succession, I finished the third. What! No more?"

​10th February 2018

Finished Into the Fire in record time. Making up for the long haul of Sins of the Fathers

3rd January 2018

Wrote the opening chapter of the next Jack Callum Mystery - Into the Fire.


News and Reviews

23rd December 2017

Just finished Sins of the Fathers. It took longer than usual, but I'm pleased with it.


‘I’ve been consistently impressed by the British Police Procedurals released by Joffe Books. No Evil is no different.
No Evil is cleverly plotted.'

'Maynard Sims does an excellent job of creating memorable characters the reader can care for.’

‘The authors did a fine job in breathing life into Jack. A terrific way to start a new series. All the secondary characters are well drawn and add immensely to the story telling. I am definitely going to be watching for the next in this series.’

‘No Evil is a good read. This is the first novel I have read by these authors but I am sufficiently impressed by No Evil to want to read the follow up.’

‘I enjoyed this book… it was a change to be transported back into the fifties and I look forward to more in the series.’

‘I really liked the character of Jack Callum and I think these characters could form the core of an interesting series. I do hope so. I'll definitely be looking out for more from Maynard Sims.’