The man himself - the king of skiffle, Lonnie Donegan. He started as a banjo player in the Chris Barber jazz band, but was given a spot in the show to play 'skiffle' music. Soon he had recorded 'Rock Island Line' and left Barber for a much more lucrative solo career, play his own style of music. (click the photo for more)

The Hofner acoustic. Eric Callum's first guitar - lucky boy. (click for demonstation)

Jack Callum police bell
Jack Callum Billy Fury album

The legendary 21's coffee bar, widely held to be the birthplace of British rock and roll. Tommy Steele, Cliff and the Shadows, all got their initial break here.(click the photo for more)

The Phoenix 150 motor scooter

The Hofner Club 150 - Eric's first electric guitar - even luckier boy. John Lennon would go on to play the same model. (Click for demonstration)

Jack Callum coffee bar documentary
Jack Callum Dr Death

The music being played on the wireless in 1958 was becoming an alien sound to Jack. His preference was for 'real' singers and musicians like Les Paul and Mary Ford, and then Lonnie Donegan came along and started the skiffle craze and the musical landscape changed forever. (click the picture for more)

The old Welwyn and Hatfield police station.To take a look back to how things were in Britain at the time, click on the photo.

While their husbands and boyfriends were watching or participating in wrestling matches, their wives, sisters and girlfriends would amuse themselves by having 'Amami Nights' - curling their hair with a pungent smelling setting lotion.(click for demonstration)

Jack Callum's 1950's

The excellent Dr Death aka Paul Lincoln, co-owner of the 2i's coffee bar with another wrestler 'Rebel' Ray Hunter. DS Frank Lesser regularly works for Paul Lincoln Promotions, his identity concealed by a mask and the name The Black Phantom.(click the photo for more) 

Jack Callum's Spurs
Jack Callum's police car
setting lotion
Eric Callum's guitar

Probably the best British rock and roll album ever made. This plays a signifiant role in the fourth Jack Callum Mystery - but more of that later...(click the album cover for more)

High Society: The film David Neville takes Rosie Callum to on their first date. Watch it on Youtube for £2.49.Click here

Jack Callum bert weedon link

Bert Weedon, 'the man who taught the world to play guitar' - well, Eric Clapton, Hank Marvin and Mark Knopfler etc. all learned from the master, by using this book.(click the picture for more)

Jack Callum's Scrapbook

Jack Callum Heroes and Villains
Jack Callum's hofner
Jack Callum Lonnie Lonegan documentary
Jack Callum Les Paul documentary

In the days before sirens, the Winkworth bell was the way the police alerted people that they were on the way..

And finally, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Jack's beloved Spurs. To escape excesses of the crimes he's called upon to solve, Jack seeks rest and relaxation by the attending home matches whenever he can...which is far less than he would like.(click the cockral for more)

The iconic Wolseley police car, complete with bell. (click the photo for more)

This is a collection of ephemera, old photographs and advertising material, all of which adds to the experience the Jack Callum Mysteries... Also known as a bit of fun.